Breeding Regulations

Boarding requirements and breeding regulations

The National Stud is part of the Newmarket Stud Farmers’ Association and we therefore adhere to its breeding regulations. Please take a minute to read through our requirements and refer to the relevant documents before sending your mare to board with us or be covered.

Horses without the correct paperwork and vaccinations will be refused entry to the stud and/or cover.

Mares boarding at The National Stud

The following items should be lodged at the National Stud office before or on arrival of the mare at the stud, and copies of the necessary forms are available to download at the bottom of the page:

  • Passport
  • EHV 1-4 Vaccination Record (for Foaling Mares)
  • Completed Boarding Agreement
  • EVA and EIA Certificate (negative result required, dated after the 1st of January in the year of arrival)
  • Clitoral Swab Certificate (from an HBLB approved laboratory and must state Clitoral Fossa and Sinus)

Please note: Mares arriving from outside of the UK or Ireland will need all of the above documentation, and in addition are subject to more stringent requirements.

Horses arriving from abroad will undergo 2 weeks isolation while the new blood tests are taken and the results established. The vets will not undertake any reproductive work on your mare during this time so please make sure you send your mare early in the season to compensate for this 2 week delay.

Mares “walking-in” to National Stud stallions

Please refer to the NSFA Breeding Regulations for our requirements for all mares walking in to be covered by National Stud Stallions. A Details of Mare Form must be completed before the mare is brought for cover and be lodged at the stud office along with your signed nomination agreement.

If you are in any doubt about the documentation your horse needs to board with us or be covered by one of our stallions, please contact the stud office.

Breeding Regulations

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